La Abeja X Ft Lonesome


La Abeja X Ft Lonesome

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We teamed up with La Abeja Herbs to offer the Flower Essence and Patch set- Each unique flower essence, prepared by La Abeja, has distinct medicinal properties to work with us as emotional support allies. The patches are visual...Read more

We teamed up with La Abeja Herbs to offer the Flower Essence and Patch set- Each unique flower essence, prepared by La Abeja, has distinct medicinal properties to work with us as emotional support allies. The patches are visual totems to wear in honor of your favorite flower friend. 

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From their website:

California Poppy helps us to be grounded in our approach to life and to favor making actionable steps toward positive change rather than succumbing to escapist tendencies or overly cheery attitudes which mask our real feelings. It is a sunny medicine which gives us the strength and fortitude we need to be able to sit squarely in the discomfort of our world, both individually and collectively. A good ally for activists, and those who feel helpless in the face of the worlds problems. It reminds us to pace ourselves, to take breaks, and to ground our ideals in realistic actions so that we don't get exhaust ourselves, trying to save the world all at once.  California Poppy combines well with essence of Oak for remedying the effects of burn out when it does occur, and with Chestnut Bud for learning from past choices which led to said state of depletion, so that you are not destined to repeat the cycle of overdrawing your reserves , endlessly.

Mariposa Lily (Calochortus gunnisonii) teaches us to show ourselves kindness and generosity. Those who lack the essential skill of self-nurturing can become their own harshest critic, fostering a heightened need for external reassurance, an overpowering urge to control one's own environment, and a vague sense that no matter what you accomplish, you are never enough. These destructive beliefs often stem from the unconsciously internalized attitude of one's Mother. Mariposa Lily helps to remedy these learned behaviors and attitudes by creating a safe space to release emotions tightly held in the body--particularly in the belly and womb--so that one's consciousness and sense of Self may return home to their rightful locus. Her ivory blossom invites you to reconnect with the feminine qualities of slowness, trust, receptivity, and the feeling of being truly held. Taken over time, this essence helps to cultivate a liberated feeling of autonomy, strengthens the supportive and nurturing voice of the inner-Mother, and lays the groundwork for deep self care.

Ghost Pipe's medicine is one that supports the liminal moments of life, those in between states when we are in the midst of becoming.   It helps us to make peace with death, with our own small cycles of decay and deterioration and in doing so, honoring the life that lives itself through us. Ghost Pipe Flower Essences widens the field of vision, allowing us to glimpse that which lies just beneath the surface of this world.  It creates a space of possibility for many things to be true at once.  For this purpose, it can be called upon as an ally in spaces of conflict, both inner and outer, for honoring the truth that exists in many perspectives simultaneously. Ghost Pipe is also helpful in finding resolution with shadowy aspects of one's past that cannot be processed with others, but instead must be worked through internally.

It is also an essence that inspires stewardship of systems, inner and outer -- ranging from ecosystems to our own bodies.  It helps once to see and understand the patterns and cycles of the self and the soil.  This essence can be brought into the wildlands and offered to plant roots and trees as a way to honor the vast web of mycelial life which lies beneath the Earth's surface.  Ghost Pipe offers us a similar gift as humans -- a rare glimpse of the interwoven tapestry of the web of life of which we are all a part.

The sturdy, fragrant blossoms of the towering and ancient Saguaro Cactus [Carnegiea gigantea] help to heal the relationship with the Father--one's birth Father, the Father within each of us, and the divine masculine forces of the Universe. This is a plant which commands great respect through its presence alone, and which teaches humans to walk with a similar dignity, holding all that is within them as truly precious. This essence is of great use for anyone who seeks grounding, containment, or fathering through lovers, friends, or partners. It empowers you instead to see how to best support and nourish yourself from within, take steps to meet your own needs, and to claim full responsibility for the one life that is yours to live.

Jasmine [Jasminum sambac] is the beginning and the end. She is the goddess of infinite compassion in which we can seek refuge, when our hearts are carrying a burden heavier than any one human should have to.  She is the flower to turn to when we have suffered unspeakable losses; when the flame of our spirits grows dim and there is no kindling in sight with a strong wind to boot, it is jasmine which cups her soft hands around us and whispers to our Souls of the time when the fire burned brightly, reassuring us that it will once more.  When our grief seems too vast to weather, Jasmine holds us in a deep stillness so that we can surrender to the grief fully and follow the fragile thread which leads us back to Life. Her medicine makes space for tears, for anger, for sorrows untold. This is the medicine: this feeling, these tears. And she reassures us that it is okay. After suffering great loss, we often find ourselves hopeless, disoriented—the world around us colorless. Jasmine is the soft song of birds returning to our awareness, the rustling of Autumn leaves overhead. Her medicine brings us back to our senses, back to the world of the Living.