The Fort Lonesome Sandlot Collection


It was the brainchild of Austin’s sandlot ambassador Jack Sanders to build the Texas tuxedo of baseball uniforms when he was reimagining the next iteration of the Texas Playboys look.

He approached us to help him bring to life this denim fantasy right after our own Bekah DuBose had been gifted a lifetime's worth of worn and loved Wrangler pearl snaps by local neon artist and Texas Playboy Evan Voyles, who had been “encouraged” to transfer custody of said hoarded workwear by his wife, Gail.

We brought the synchronicity of our acquisition to Jack’s attention, noting how appropriate it seemed that at least the prototype of The Playboy’s new jersey should be made from mended together pieces of Evan’s old work shirts. Jack agreed.

Jack called upon designer Cody Haltom, who had previously designed the layout and type design for a prior Playboys jersey that we’d helped stitch up- their cream and navy uni’s. Cody jumped on board to layout the type and coloration for these nascent denim uniforms. (You’ll recognize Cody’s handiwork in the iconic Playboys Throw Slow and Cool With Pepper T’s.)

A wabi-sabi, visibly mended, patched-together prototype was born, and soon after came a small run of denim jerseys for the entire team.

For the first time ever, we’re teaming up with Cody and Jack to release a small run of jerseys available to the public, in a limited edition run of 24 available here, along with a small companion collection.


The Fort Lonesome Sandlot Collection