Ft. Lonesome x Counterpart Studios Wallpaper and Fabric Collection

"As our studio developed, we looked to their art to propel our aspirations to transform interiors – to carefully borrow and build from one legacy to create a new legacy for the home. As Fort Lonesome is a marriage of artist and machine, our partnership is a marriage of individuality and accessibility, of art and application. Our hope is to make your personal spaces as legendary as the adorned jacket that set this collaboration in motion."

If you are a designer or architect outside of Texas, you can fill out a Trade Request Form with Counterpart Studios HERE.

 If you are a designer or architect in Texas, please contact Supply Showroom for sales assistance.
1513 West 6th Street
Austin, TX 78703



Collaboration is fundamental to forward progress.
It's how communities prosper, hit songs are written,
and magically, why Wikipedia works.
Collaboration brought us the International Space Station,
Cherry Garcia and the Rolling Stones.
Good things come when ripe minds merge. 

At Counterpart Studios, collaboration is central to our mission.
We partner with visionary artists to translate their ideas
to new canvases for the home.

We are developers, curators, creators and enablers;
working in the service of bold potential
and decadent ideas for the designer.

Counterpart studios was founded in Austin, TX
by Andrée Chalaron and Stacy Bain.
A union, in service of unions.