Fort Lonesome exists within the physical boundaries of Austin, Texas. 
It is, however, more accurately constrained only by the ever-expanding dialogue between a small handful of curious luddites, collectively dragging the shrapnel of a forgotten craft into alignment with our contemporary era. 
While the invention of digitally deployed embroidery relegated most hand-cranked chainstitch embroidery machines to the basements and attics of pragmatic technicians, one erstwhile machine in Texas captured the imagination of a trained oil painter with a fixation on western wear. 
The resulting deus ex machina summoned forth from the ether a harmonious collection of individual artists, curious to tap the potential of these forgotten machines; meanwhile fortuitously concocting a collective visual whole vastly greater than the sum of it’s autonomous parts.
Since, Fort Lonesome has blossomed into an evolving ecosystem, focusing primarily on maintaining a dedication to the continuum between art and fashion with a strong focus on heirloom quality and unexpected imagery. Lovingly, the Fort carries forth the torch of the Rodeo Tailor, aiming to midwife the legacy of the craft into its rightful place as an iconic evergreen opportunity to innovate, narrate and adorn. 
We love you.