Select Clients and Corporate

Select Clients and Corporate

On-Site Chainstitching 

We’re able to bring on-site custom embroidery to your event – we can offer a small menu of original artwork (what we’ve come to call “chainstitch flash”), designed by us or provided by you, that we stitch up direct to garments or patches. Email us to chat about how we might partner with your brand to provide a unique live experience for your customers. 

Branding and Signage

We’re able to develop new brand identities or work with existing elements and apply them to a variety of chainstitch applications. From banners and signage to office decor and event ornamentation, Ft Lonesome is a one stop shop for tasteful branding adornment. 

Wholesale and Bulk Orders

Reach out and we’ll create ideas together. Let’s talk about how patches, garments, signage and more can fit within your brand’s offerings. From there, we can develop a plan for scaling up, so that our assistance grows with your brand’s expansion.